Dissertation Topics In Library And Information Science


Over and above, when you need to write something for a particular subject, it makes sense to consider what you want to write about. Writing may not be for you, but as a student, this is a very crucial requirement that you need to accomplish in order for you to graduate on time.

Are you in need of profound topics to write about in your scholarly thesis that has something to do with library and information science? It is true that deciding for the appropriate topic that you can consider for your paper is an exhausting stage. However, this can be outlasted if you will give it your best shot in researching for the best possible subjects that you know are worth talking about. Luckily, you can go over various offline and online resources and unveil from there the topic that precisely matches your writing skills.

Here is a collection of dissertation topics in Library and Information Science that you can delve into:

  1. Tackle change management in the library environment that is especially intended for organizational renewal
  2. The role and accreditation of the academic library in undergraduate, graduate as well as other teaching programs
  3. Benchmarking as an approach to obtain results; your library’s use of benchmarking and the outcomes, issues and opportunities
  4. Discuss collection development strategies for scholastic programs
  5. Time study or cost of services, programs and collections in the library, including the detailed description of the approaches and results at your library
  6. Developing a yearly scholastic agenda for the library. Discuss the benchmarks and performance measure
  7. Talk about electronic resources and their significant impact on scholastic library as the intellectual and social core of the school
  8. Development programs and fund raising for libraries
  9. Tackle the remarkable impact of cultural and demographic changes on library services
  10. Discuss the linkage between life-long learning and libraries: what this conveys and what are the necessary steps that need to be taken?
  11. The changing role of the library in the information economy
  12. Talk about the literacy programs carried out in the library environment


Students nowadays do not need to suffer from choosing what suitable topic to write about. If you are tasked to discuss something that is connected with library and information science, you will surely have countless of possible options to pick from. Take a look at the topic ideas provided in the list above and from there you can decide which one is right for you.